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  • Through intense research and cultural immersion, IT has identified the determinants that contribute to the lack of health and life skills education and has developed a clear plan to address the problem.
  • IT does not send outsiders to live and teach at inspired locations. Instead IT partners with local leaders, providing them with the training, mentorship, and support necessary to create and implement sustainable sports, arts, life skills, and counseling programs.
  • By providing avenues for economic opportunity and education, IT creates self-sustainable social improvement.
  • Unlike many foundations, non-profits, and NGOs, IT creates new, sustainable employment opportunities designed to keep these vital local leaders in their own communities. 

Train to Sustain, has four phases: 

  1. Identify community needs and potential leaders.
  2. Train identified leaders and provide infrastructural guidance.
  3. Implement a culturally-relevant five year plan that will prepare the organization to be locally sustainable and bring about positive social change within the community.
  4. Withdraw direct training and financial support, while maintaining ongoing access to latest medical, technological, and industry-specific resources.